Beretta U22 Review

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Beretta U22

The Beretta U22 is stylized to give a sleek and classy look that is also very functional. Some refer to it as the "space gun" or something from the set of "Star Trek" due to its slightly unique overall look.

The angled grip of this pistol fits perfectly in the hand. It includes the feature of optic ready at the top and the weaver-style rail runs throughout the length of the gun. In comparison to an average pistol, Berettta U22 Neos is approximately 14% longer in overall length. The barrel length is also longer by about 0.25 inches. The slightly heavier feel of the pistol amounts to 0.12 lbs. more than an average pistol.

Its construction comprises of five parts that is much easier to disassemble without requiring any tools. The pistol boasts its ergonomic construction of fiberglass techno polymer, which is extremely durable and provides a comfortable hold for the user with non-slip inserts. There is a choice between the most preferred stainless steel exterior and a more fashionable blue finish depending on the user's taste.

The accuracy of Beretta U22 is quite impressive owing to its heavier barrel and the angled grip. It can easily surpass other pistols to be one of the best natural pointers. During rapid firing sessions, the muzzle stays fairly down because of its longer barrel and weight of the red dot sight. At the rear of the pistol is a cocked firing pin indicator that facilitates its performance and accuracy. The load is far quicker because of the easy-to-grip knob comprising of a single stack and 10 round stainless steel magazines.

The Beretta U22's user friendly construction is appreciable. The flat-sided bull barrel is instantly removable with a single stud that retains it to the frame. At the front of the frame and beneath the barrel is asmall thumb wheel, which allows scope mount as an assembly after lifting off the barrel. This interesting feature allows mounting a red dot sight and then sighting it in. Furthermore, even after replacing the barrel, it stays sighted. Shooting can be performed with the same gun in two classes if you have two barrels, one for using the iron sights and other with a scope. The trigger pull is a bit heavy initially, especially if you are looking for an instant competition. However, it gets lighter in no time after practice.

There are a few very simple steps to follow if you want to field strip the gun. After loosening the knob and lifting off the barrel, the slide catch is released and slid forward to bring it off the frame. Next, pull the trigger while carefully holding the firing pin in one hand, and the striker slides out of the carrier.

The Beretta U22 is your most suitable option if you are looking for plinking or a club competition. It gives intelligent new features while maintaining the old ones for the users satisfaction.

Model: U22
Action: SAO
Caliber: 22
Overall Length: 8.80"
Overall Height: 5.20"
Overall Width: 1.50"
Barrel Length: 4.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 10 + 1
Weight: 31.70 oz.